One of our memorial grave markers in Trenton, NJ

Memorial Grave Markers

At Albert N. Thiel Monuments in Trenton, New Jersey, we understand that a memorial marker or memorial headstone is more than a stone; it's a symbolic tribute. Allow us to provide personalized service to guide you through the decision-making process to ensure you select the perfect monument from our vast inventory. We also offer monument engraving, installations, cleaning, and cemetery lettering.

Various Memorials Available

Celebrate a loved one's memory with one of our custom memorial markers or headstones. Equipped with a wide array of options by Rock of Ages®  & Sealmark®, you're sure to find the right memorial to pay homage to a friend or family member.    
Our Memorials Include:
• Individual, Public, & Civil Memorials
• Customer Memorials
• Headstones
• Grave Markers

• Granite or Bronze Plaques (More Than 100 on Display)
• Flags & Flagpoles
• Cremation Urns
• Blankets

Headstone - Memorial Headstones

Contact us to pay homage to a loved one's life with our one of our memorial markers or memorial headstones.